About Me

Hi there! šŸ™Œ Every day, we have the opportunity to challenge ourselves in some dimension of our existence šŸŒŸ. To become, in some way, a better version of what we were yesterday. This has become my obsession.

Iā€™m an theoretical physicist with a love for computer science and a passion for improving myself and the world around me. šŸš€

Technologies & Skills

Infrastructure Automation

Proficient in leveraging Terraform and Python scripting to automate cloud infrastructure provisioning and enhance operational efficiency.

DevOps Implementation

Passionate about adopting DevOps methodologies to enhance development and deployment processes, enabling continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

Network & System Administration

With over 6 years of experience in managing complex IT systems, possess expertise in configuring and maintaining servers, networking equipment, and virtualization technologies.

Troubleshooting & Performance Optimization

Skilled in troubleshooting complex IT issues and optimizing system performance to ensure efficient and reliable operations.