University of Johannesburg
2007 — 2011

Bachelor of Science: Physics & Mathematics

University of the Witwatersrand
2015 — 2017

Bachelor of Science: Theoretical Physics (Honours)


DevOps Engineer/Optimisation Analyst
Pivot Sciences [2016 — 2018]

  • Custom Optimisation Solutions for clients using in-house software and modelling techniques.
  • Machine learning for the medical and transport industries using R, Java, Scala and Python.
  • Analytics dashboards using R Shiny.
  • Setup and management of custom compute resources for internal teams using OpenStack.
  • Internal SPARK HADOOP cluster design and management.

DevOps Engineer/Solutions Architect/Backend Specialist
Chalcid/Natmed [2018 - 2019]

  • MVC Backend in #C for payments.
  • Vehicle routing optimiser solution for using microservice architecture in Go and C++.
  • Cloud System Administration on AWS using Make (before terraform was mainstream).
  • Process monitoring (metrics and logging) and automation using Go, Prometheus, Kibana, Logstash, Elastic Search, InfluxDB, and Python.
  • DevOps pipelines using Jenkins, Github, Docker and Docker Swarm.

Platform Engineer
Roam/Ringier South Africa [2019 - Present]

  • Bespoke terraform modules/ansible playbooks for Multi Tenant, Multi Account, Multi Region Infrastructure.
  • Fully automated Jenkins CI/CD complete with Jenkins scripted library. AWS ECS Fargate Blue/Green Deploys, AWS EKS Fargate QA deploys, AWS RDS Aurora, Monitoring, logging and metrics with alerts by DataDog. DNS by cloudflare.
  • Bespoke Multi Tenant, Multi Account, Multi Region Daily/Weekly downstream of anonymised/shared data form Prod to AWS Datalake then to Staging and QA.